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Todd Manning, Roger Howarth, & Real Life…

As promised and long overdue, my own personal rant about the TnT/TnB/Todd Manning Internet experience…


I’ve been watching soaps since the early 1980’s. I was a sucker for GH back then during the Gloria Monty years. I also watched EON, AMC, OLTL, & ATWT. I remember Andrea Evans as “Tina”. Those were the days. Back then I religiously bought SOD and I still do.

During my years in the Army I got into in the early 90’s I got into GL. My Point? I like the genre. I like soaps and I’ve seen a lot of soaps. I don’t limit myself to one. I bring a broad perspective to the world of soaps, which leads me into OLTL…

The Army didn’t have OLTL overseas so I got out of the habit of watching it. I got out in late 1997 and in early 1998 after watching one scene with Roger Howarth I was hooked again. Yep. One scene was all it took. Roger Howarth is a phenomenal actor with an incredible range. One look. One glance. This guy not only is good to look at (and drool over) but he’s talented as hell. And he plays one of the most complex and interesting characters on Daytime TV – Todd Manning. And in the spring of 1998 as “Todd” was falling in love with “Téa.” I was falling in love with “One Life To Live.” And since no one I knew watched the show I got on the net to share my enthusiasm about the show with others.


Oh Boy! You’ve got to have a tough titanium skin to be an OLTL/Roger/Todd fan on the net because internet fans are passionate about their show and their guy and I just can’t afford any titanium so I’m stuck with a loincloth and it’s been torn to shreds.

But Dim, you bring the shit on yourself.


Look, straight up, I’m not going to delve into Todd Manning’s psyche. Why? ‘cos there’s been a million treaties on it. Did he or didn’t he have DID? It’s been so hashed to DEATH I don’t give a shit anymore. I know all that I need to know about Todd Manning. He suffered an abusive childhood. He did horrible things. He raped a woman. He was contrite about it. He allowed himself to love a woman. They had a baby. Todd grew as a character. And as he did, Roger’s talent grew as well. I’ve watched Todd’s story. I saw the consensual sex he had with Marty. I know Marty Saybrooke is a character that effected Todd’s early days on OLTL deeply.

And you know what? I’m damn proud to say I bought tapes and I’ve watched Todd Manning’s ENTIRE story. I feel like I have bragging rights or something. You know, I DO have bragging rights!! I’m calling out those who CLAIM to be Todd fans and the only thing they’ve watched of his story is the Todd & Téa stuff. Yep. You. You’re hypocrites.

But more importantly and seriously, I have a good foundation and basis to talk about Todd. I could write about his psyche from an INFORMED position IF I wanted. But I don’t. It’s only a soap and I’m looking to be entertained. While I enjoy reading essays and opinions about Todd I rarely get so ‘moved’ to go into depth about my own thoughts or opinions and I have to admit I’ve watched a lot of soap opera and Todd Manning has effected me like no other character. He moves me. He make me think about consequences in my own life since he doesn’t think about them in his own.


For me, if it wasn’t for Roger Howarth, Todd Manning wouldn’t exist. Literally. Roger gives Todd air to breathe. Roger’s been playing the enormously popular character since 1992. Roger is a good-looking, talented actor. He’s subtle yet effective. He’s sensuous, raw, aggressive, and vulnerable. He’s incredibly charismatic and as a viewer, I adore watching him act. I became a fan instantly.


Recently, there have been statements about Roger not caring about Todd and showing up for the money. Statements like Roger’s not putting 100% effort into his acting because he’s missing his acting soulmate. Let me just remind everyone THIS is an OPINION. It’s not a FACT. And no opinion is wrong

There’s a lot of opinions floating out there on the net regarding Roger & “Todd” and let’s remember that, huh? There’s a lot of different perspective out on the web because we as individual human beings are DIFFERENT. And you know what? Some of those opinions don’t agree. A lot of Roger Howarth fans think he’s doing a good job as “Todd” as he take the character back to his roots.

Side Note…

Oh by the way, in case you didn’t notice, Words hurt on the net. They sting. And here’s where I need the titanium.

Well if you can’t hang with the big dogs Dim, go home. Shut down your websites. Your stories SUCK anyway.

Believe me, to all you NAYSAYERS I thought about it. And then I figured SOMEONE might miss me. Hehehe.


Again, let me POINT BLANK, STRAIGHT UP spell this out. Let tell you MY perspective about Roger/Todd/TnB/Kassie/Florencia/TnT and why I feel the way I do and for those who have a POOR attention span, read it TWICE and yes, I’m being sarcastic. I also realize two wrongs don’t make a right but I’m letting all the FLAB hang out past the elastic of my undies now.


One perspective & opinion on the net is Roger is phoning in his performance, he doesn’t care about Todd anymore and will only act better if reunited with his acting soulmate (and yes, I will admit it – I’ve used the term myself!). Roger just wants the MONEY. Show Roger the money!!!

One perspective & opinion on the net is Roger is turning in good performances, he does care about “Todd” and that’s why “Todd” is acting very much like the character was like in the early days.

ME? I think Roger came back because he wanted expose on TV. He’s using OLTL to get exposure. He is turning in performance meant to remind us of early Todd Manning and in classic form, his choices are subtle. If you didn’t like Todd then you won’t like him now.


So don’t tell I’m FULL of it because MY OPINION doesn’t agree with yours. Have some class. Roger Howarth is an EMMY WINNING ACTOR and he’s a perfectionist and he just doesn’t turn in performances that are painful to watch. And those who call his performances “pitiful” maybe you should take a good, hard look at yourselves and ask yourselves if you really are Roger Howarth fans & fans of Todd or are you really fans of “Todd during the Téa days” and only THAT Todd. Again – how can something you claim to be a fan of be “pitiful?”

And you know what? That may sound harsh but that’s MY opinion and I’m sick and tired of getting emails telling me I can’t have an opinion that doesn’t agree with yours. Ah, but didn’t the writer of Florencia’s recent play who is an acclaimed writer HIMSELF admit that even he’s gotten HATE emails? Maybe HATE emails come with GREATNESS. Just a thought.


One perspective & opinion on the net is that Kassie dePaiva can’t act and she whines on the screen. ANOTHER perspective & opinion on the net is that Kassie is a fantastic actress. Currently, Kassie is Roger’s on-screen co-star.

Gotta point out that NO ONE can dispute the fact that SOD recognized her with a nod for leading actress. SOD doesn’t count Dim. Bully on you I say to the naysayers. SOD is a reflection of us “fans.” Remember that.

My perspective: I have never hated Kassie and I greatly admire the fact she did an USO tour. And I think she’s a good singer too. I’m not afraid to say I bought her album. And while I’m not as passionate a fan of “Blair’s” as I am of “Todd” I don’t dislike the character at all. And don’t anyone tell me they’re disappointed over my opinion and that I’ve been swayed to the dark side because I’m entitled to my opinion and to be RESPECTED for it. And if you don’t agree with my 2 cents than have ENOUGH CLASS to be TACTFUL about it. Don’t call me names because you’re so full of HATE.


One perspective on the net is Florencia can’t act, is a troll and snots everywhere she goes. Another perspective on the net is that she’s a fantastic actress and is massively talented.

My perspective is that Florencia is not only talented but a warm and kind person as well. She’s sweet and funny and her smile lights up a dark room. And I can say that ‘cos I’ve met her in person.

Which leads me into…

and let me make this clear as crystal…

After being told “evil” TnB’ers hang at the Knoll I lurked and discovered they weren’t as “evil” as I was told. After delurking I got into a thread debating about FL. I was saying that I was a fan of hers and if she choose to return to the show I support that. If FL didn’t go back to OLTL and did something else I supported that too. It was a long, ugly, confusing post but the DIFFERENCE was I proved myself. I FELT a majority of Knollies accept me despite being an FL fan because I was UP FRONT & HONEST. I feel that a majority of Knollies RESPECT the fact I like FL.

On ATB I feel a majority do not RESPECT the fact I like KdP and that’s the DIFFERENCE I perceive. And don’t tell me I feel that way ‘cos I’ve been swayed to the dark side. That’s hogwash. The only Dark Side is the one you make for yourself. If you disagree than have enough CLASS & TACT and say you disagree and don’t call me names. And if you’re disappointed with how I feel than you have only yourself to blame because you made me feel that way by alienating me and not RESPECTING my choices and me as person and you know EXACULTY who I’m talking too and if the shoe doesn’t fit than don’t try it on.

And isn’t it IRONIC Florencia Lozano and Kassie dePaiva are friends in real life – giving us all example to follow? Sadly the lot of you choose to IGNORE the message their friendship conveys.

So Dim do you like TnT?

Duh. (sarcastic grin) I guess you don’t check out my monthly TnT Calendars. Before Zing closed up that galleries had a total of 20 hits. My Todd calendar gallery had over 200. Enough sarcasm, yes, I like the “angsty” Labine romance of TnT. RH/FL have the BEST on-screen chemistry I’ve ever seen before and you know what? And SOME of you are going to disagree with me because I know what I feel and that isn’t wrong. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to your feelings.

So Dim do you like TnB?

Well you know I’m not too thrilled about the TnB I currently see on screen (just read my recent Spins for that opinion!). Why? Because I find it forced. I mean I think the story is forced because they can’t think of anything else because they’ve done it all. But I’ve seen a lot of soap couples in my day that have had NO CHEMISTRY (Bo & Melanie are a PRIME example) and I have to admit if the story was written better and played up to the couple’s chemistry as a strength I might have more enthusim for it.

So there you have it. Pure. Raw. Uncensored.
‘Nuff said.